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Narendra and Sushma

To get to the point quickly,let me summarize The Becks in adjectives. Extremely Honest,Unbelievably Patient, Professional, Fast, Warm, Highly Knowledgeable and Masters of the real estate game. I had researched online and got hold of Mike Beck when I decided to buy a home in East Side. After reading ton of reviews,track records of various real estate agents online I decided to go with The Becks as they had a reputation of being the Best Of The Best.Why skimp on something as important as your Home by going with a mediocre agent? Ever since that first call,it was a very smooth experience till the moment I got the keys to our home. Becks were extremely patient with our indecisiveness at times and never put pressure on us.On the contrary they were very understanding and did everything to alleviate our concerns or questions regarding the whole home choosing and purchasing process. Mike has a fantastic professional network from which he pulls some valuable intelligence that is crucial to give you an edge as a buyer. All in all, The Becks helped us get the Home that we truly loved and made sure we didn’t pay more than what it was worth actually on the market.They make sure to keep your emotions reigned in during the bidding process,which is very important as buyers can get carried away very quickly.Before you even know you would have upped the price by thousands of dollars. In such a case its all the more important to have an expert like Mike beside you who will keep you grounded, well-informed and objective after taking the ground realities into strict consideration. Also Mike was kind enough to leave us 2 thoughtful gifts in our new home after the closing. He didn’t have to do that,but yet he did and that shows how much The Becks care for their clients. And Mike has been helping me tap into his professional network for any home improvement projects that I plan to have. TLDR; If you let The Becks do their job as your agent then you get the Best Service in town.