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    Get Your Home Ready to Sell

    Before you sell your home, you need to prepare it for showings. Buyers expect to view houses and condos that are clean from top to bottom, are staged and free of clutter, and perhaps even smell nice. We have a checklist of staging tips that you can use to prepare your home and create an amazing first impression. We also recommend that you start packing to prepare for your move. You will feel less stressed at closing if you have most of your belongings ready for the moving truck!
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    Find an Agent You Trust

    If you're considering going FSBO (trying to sell "For Sale By Owner") to save a few bucks on commission at closing, know that very few people actually succeed. That's because you have to do everything yourself: effectively marketing your home, understanding the housing market, pricing your home competitively, and filling out disclosures and paperwork. A realtor will take care of all the details, negotiate the best price for your home, and make sure that you know exactly what's going on.

    Looking for an agent? Choose us! We're available to talk about our real estate experiences and how we'll help you sell for top dollar.
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    Research the Real Estate Market in your area

    How much did your neighbor sell for? Are homes selling quickly in your community? Is your neighborhood in a buyers' or sellers' market? Having a basic knowledge of current market conditions in your city, and especially in your neighborhood, will help you understand why your home is priced the way it is and how long it may take to sell.

    Interested in the recent home sales in your community? Click on the neighborhood page on and click sold homes or contact us for a home sales report.
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    Determine What Your Home is Worth

    "What is my home worth?" That's the #1 question on every homeowner's mind. You want to know if your home improvements paid off. You want to know if your property value appreciated since you bought the home. We'll help you determine your home's current market value. Ask for your complimentary home evaluation here.
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    Put Your Home on the Market

    Once you've worked with us to determine a price, it's time to list your home! While you're waiting for an offer, we will keep you updated about showings, feedback from potential home buyers, and interest in your listing.
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    Prepare for Closing

    Once you get an offer for your home, negotiated a fair price with your real estate agent, and agreed on the contract terms, it's time to prepare for closing. At this time, the buyer will be finalizing the mortgage, ordering a home inspection, and doing a final walk-through of your home. Once everything is in order, you'll be ready to close.
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    Close and Move Out

    Once you've made it to the settlement table, you can finally relax — you've successfully sold your home! After you have paid your closing costs and received the proceeds from your home sale, it's time to finish packing and prepare for your move.