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Education Hill

Education Hill

Education Hill is one of Redmond’s largest neighborhoods at 2.5 square miles and is situated to the north side of the Downtown corridor. Education hill homes are in a primarily a residential neighborhood, no commercial is allowed (though a new construction project has been approved near NE 116th St. and Avondale Rd), and has recieved the name due to the high concentration of schools within its borders.

Education Hill is one of the oldest areas in Redmond offering a variety of residential properties. In the central part of the neighborhood is where you will find the low to moderate density areas (4-8 dwellings per acre), comprised mostly of single family homes with density increasing towards Redmond-Woodville Rd to the west and Avondale Rd NE to the east. The central location of Education Hill makes it popular with the high tech sector employed by Microsoft and Nintendo America.

Education Hill Borders: north, NE 116th St.; east, Avondale Rd. NE/Avondale Way; south, downtown Redmond; and west, Redmond-Woodinville Rd.

Types of Dwellings

Homes vary through out Education Hill. The changes in family size and composition, location to employers and the need for shopping have all influenced the way Redmond is planning for the future of Education Hill. Mixed use, single family, and multi-family are just some of the zoning designations.

Prices of homes in Education Hill vary as much as the homes themselves. A new construction single family home can sell for as much $1,300,000 all the way down to a $170,000 condo on Redmond-Woodinville Rd NE.

Parks & Recreation

  • Anderson Park
  • Hartman Community Park (largest park in Education Hill)
  • Meadow Neighborhood Park
  • Nike Neighborhood Park
  • Old Redmond School House Community Center
  • Reservoir Park
  • Sunset Gardens Park
  • The Edge Skate Park

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Education Hill